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Processing Procedure

Processing Procedure

After a report submission, if there are any additional details or questions, please utilize the Report Results Confirmation menu and access the modification function.
Upon reviewing your inputs, our dedicated personnel will respond accordingly.
In the case that further information is needed during the investigation, we may reach out via the same menu.
If the reported content is deemed either unverifiable or insignificant, the investigation could be terminated, and the results will be communicated via the same menu.
Report Submission

Through the group's Integrated Reporting Center on our Jeong-Do Management website, you have the option to submit reports either under your real name or anonymously. If choosing to remain anonymous, the submitted report's results can be checked using the ID/password input during submission.
Content Verification

Under the principle of safeguarding the reporter's identity, the content you submit undergoes a series of preliminary procedures, such as a check by the relevant department. Please note that a response regarding the commencement of the investigation requires a certain timeframe.
Initiation of the Investigation

Following the finalization of the investigation plan, which includes details such as the number of investigators and the timeframe, the investigation commences. Investigations are conducted sequentially based on the order of report submissions, and the investigation period can vary depending on the investigation target and scope.
Completion of the Investigation

Upon confirming the validity of the reported content through an objective accumulation of evidence and thorough investigation, the report investigation is concluded.


Following the completion of the investigation, the case is closed after determining any disciplinary actions in accordance with our internal regulations.

Results Verification

Feedback is communicated to the reporter through the results verification process.

Whistleblower Protection Framework

We pledge not to disclose any information that would reveal or insinuate the whistleblower's identity without his/her explicit consent. In the event of any disadvantages incurred due to non-compliance with this policy, we will strive to rectify the situation and take full responsibility for the mishap.
  • Obligation to Uphold Confidentiality
  • - Confidentiality forms the foundation of our internal whistleblower protection initiative.
  • - The exposure of personal details or content that could indirectly disclose an internal reporter's identity is prohibited.
  • - Our Jeong-Do Management Office's employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to affirm their commitment to this principle.
  • Duty to Forbid Detrimental Actions
  • - Under no circumstances can an internal whistleblower be subjected to any status, administrative, or economic disadvantages based on their reporting.
  • - If there is a clear risk of detrimental actions, an application for a "Prohibition of Detrimental Actions" may be submitted [- Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission -].
  • Exemption from Liability for Voluntary Whistleblowers
  • - For those who voluntarily disclose misconduct, the severity of the misconduct, work conduct, and degree of remorse are taken into account when considering disciplinary actions.
  • - Whistleblowers who have self-reflected and seized a new opportunity through voluntary reporting are assured complete confidentiality.