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  • The protection of whistleblowers is based on the submission of accurate evidence under their real names as a guiding principle.
  • We are committed to strictly safeguarding related information of the whistleblower and relevant stakeholders.

Whistleblower Reports on Misconduct

Your report plays an integral role in upholding the foundation for Jeong-Do management
Issues pertaining to Gifts / Bribery
Asset misappropriation / usage
Safety and quality issues
Unfair trading practices
Information security
Incidents of harassment / bullying
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Agreement on Personal Information Collection and Processing
HL Group is fully committed to the rigorous management of information to protect the identities of its consultants and prevent unwanted identity disclosure
As part of this, we provide the following details on the safeguarding of your personal information.
To consent to HL Group's personal information management practices, please click the 'Agree' button below.

Consent to Collection and Usage of Personal Information

1) Purpose of Collection and Usage
Verification of identity, checking consultation details, contact for fact investigation, and notification of results

2) Management Parameters for Personal Information Protection
During the handling of report receipts and consultations on Jeong-Do management, we collect the following personal information. Some data may be automatically collected during service usage.
- Optional Fields (for real-name reports): Full Name, Contact Number, Email Address
- Automatically Collected: IP Address, Visit Date & Time, Service Usage Records, Inappropriate Usage Records

3) Duration of Storage and Usage
Once the purpose of collecting and using the personal information has been achieved, the information is immediately discarded.

4) Consent to Personal Information Management
You retain the right to decline HL Group's collection of personal information for accurate fact investigation. Please note that a refusal to consent may limit your access to the report submission process.
Agreement on Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
You retain the right to decline to consent to HL Group collecting your personal information for meticulous fact-checking. If you choose not to give consent, you may encounter certain limitations when using our reporting services.

I agree to collect and use personal information.

HL Group is thoroughly dedicated to preserving the confidentiality of our consultants and forestalling any unwarranted disclosure of identities. In line with this, we have detailed the important aspects of personal information protection below. . If you agree with HL Group's handling of personal information, kindly click on the 'Agree' button below.

Consent to Third-Party Disclosure of Personal Information

1. Recipients of Personal Information
- Relevant companies required for conducting the report investigation

2. Purpose of the Recipient's Use of Personal Information
- Verification and investigation of facts, implementation of subsequent measures such as rewards or penalties

3. Items of Personal Information Disclosed
- Name, contact number (mobile number), email address

4. Recipient's Retention and Use Period of the Personal Information
- The data will be promptly disposed of once the intended purpose is fulfilled.

5. You have the right to refuse consent to the third-party disclosure of personal information, and a refusal may result in certain limitations when utilizing the group's Integrated Reporting Center.